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There are varies group in the world that still think you only can derive information from textbooks and learning from individuals who experience in the field you are seeking. However with today technology from the 1990s to the present technology has been able to impact the way we learn today.

As you know there are many forms of learning,

Visual -Visual learners prefer to take in information using charts, maps, graphs, diagrams, and more

Auditory - learns best when information is heard or spoken

Reading/Writing Preference

Kinesthetic-learn best when they can use tactile experiences and carry out a physical activity to practice applying new information

We all have our own learning styles and practice it In many ways music has been able to impact so many lives and maybe even more than we know. On the other hand some frown upon music because of the messages it is able to convey.

What is the album/song/lyric/quote that changed your life and the way that you viewed it?


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